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A good property management company is priceless.

The cost of hiring a professional property management firm is far less than the consequences of not having one and doing it yourself. For example many DIY (do it yourself) landlords often make the mistake or lack the knowledge to market the property to lessen the vacancy time. After all each day the property is vacant it is a financial loss. Another major mistake is tenant screening. If a owner/investor does not have time, knowledge, experience to thoroughly screen all applicants the financial loss could be astronomical compared to hiring a professional. The wrong tenant can not only cost the owner for eviction fees they can very well vandalize your property. This is a mess that is very costly to clean up. Keeping tenants happy and lowering tenant turn over should also be a concern as it is very time consuming and costly to prepare the unit for another renter. Management companies also will save the owner a great deal in repairs. One of the major contributions an experienced management company is that they don't just pick up the phone and call any contractor. We have an list of licensed contractors and experienced repairman who will charge us a fraction of what they would charge an individual.

Here are some of our services:

During the evaluation process we determine the highest rental value for all vacancies. Than we proceed to advertise with numerous methods including (online, print and signage) that will attract qualified tenants.

Tenant Screening
All tenant applications are thoroughly screened. Credit, income, employment history and previous rental history are verified.  We also inquire about previous evictions, judgments and criminal history. We prepare all of the lease agreements and handle the move-in process.

Property Inspections
We routinely and randomly inspect the exterior and interior of the property to ensure proper maintenance, safety and code enforcement.

Property Maintenance
We assist you in protecting your investment by making sure necessary repairs and routine maintenance issues are handled quickly and professionally. All repairs and maintenance issues that exceed the amount agreed upon are approved by you, and coordinated by us. We offer huge discounts on in house maintenance and repairs.

Full accounting and bookkeeping reports, Rent collection (accounts receivable) Bills paid (accounts payable) . You will always have access to your account information through your own online portal. In the portal, you are able to view work orders, print and view financial reports, and add funds to your rental account. Detailed monthly statements are also provided. 

Crown Realty Property Management fee structure:
We offer a flat fee, management fee for your convenience only $60.00 Per unit/per month. This fee is all inclusive and covers collecting rents, inspecting units once per year (an additional inspection is available for $50), preparing notices if needed and preparing statements and dispersing owner's funds. 

There is no leasing or sign up fee!

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